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Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

A healthy diet can't be all sweets! 3 Fellers is proud to offer delicious dinner breads alongside our sweeter treats. These savory delights are made with certified gluten free flour made from special oats, almonds, and more. This unique blend of flour forms the base for our breads and ensures that the end result is just as fluffy and delicious as the versions containing gluten. We specifically tested and refined our gluten free flour blend to ensure that the texture of our gluten free bread matches the exact texture so beloved in commercial baking with gluten flour.

Our gluten free dinner rolls come in three different flavors. You can savor delicious plain rolls sprinkled with sea salt, garlic infused rolls topped with a dusting of parsley flakes and sea salt, or onion rolls crowned with sesame seeds. Our gluten free bakery ships these 8 at a time, ensuring that one order provides enough to feed even the largest family. These delicious morsels of gluten free bread can be heated and buttered or eaten cold. Consider using them for your next party and serving a cake, pie, cookies, or muffins from our gluten free bakery for dessert! All natural and preservative free, these rolls provide the best that gluten-free living has to offer and can be shipped right to your door.