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Gluten Free Cookies

There is nothing quite like a homemade cookie. From parties to enjoyment at home alone, cookies are a national staple. But when you're eating gluten-free, a good cookie can be hard to come by. That's why Susan Feller started making her own gluten free cookies: nothing on the market was good enough. Today, 3 Fellers produces a full line of specialty desserts, including our mouthwatering chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Like all of our products, these specialty desserts are completely gluten free.

When you order a batch of our cookies, they'll arrive on your doorstep fresh, soft, and ready to eat. We use only all-natural ingredients and never add any preservatives. The result is a cookie with all the taste and nutritional value you'd expect from the best homemade baked goods. Our cookies make a great treat for your next party, and they're always welcome at big events.  

Whether you choose mouthwatering chocolate chip or delicious classic sugar, you'll enjoy the rich taste that Susan Feller worked so hard to perfect. Many of our customers order our specialty desserts not just because of the health benefits of living a gluten free diet, but because they prefer the taste to any gluten alternative. Enjoy the same baked goods you've always loved without the problems caused by gluten. Order online, or come visit our retail bakery located just outside Richmond, VA!